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All my wads are made for DooM II

Monastery of Apostasy


Occultists and demons sing hymes of anguish as the sound of buckshot echos down the halls of this remote mountain monastery. Once a sanctuary for holy men seeking to escape the unending degeneracy of civilisation, now it's an absurd mockery to all that is holy. You'll witness tornment and horror of an unparalleled scale as you fight for your life between the bloodstained pews of this Monastery of Apostasy


Carcass Causeway


The crimson sky, the screams of the damned, the smell of sulphur, the rivers of blood. This is it, I know for sure now, This Is Hell. that's the only explanation the marine had as he guided himself through a river of blood using a Carcass Causeway.



In the land of nightmares, the king is the land.
The king is in ruin, so is the land. 
Another has taken his place, 
death is his name. 
Lay siege to his castle, to free this place. 
Lay siege to the corrupted keep, Sintagel.

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